The Ananta Poetic Prism competition

The Ananta Poetic Prism competition, held on April 30, 2024, for the semi-final round and on May 10, 2024, for the final round at the NBBGC Tadong Auditorium Hall, was organized by the Ananta Theatre Club, NBBC Tadong, with the aim of nurturing literary talents among students. The event saw the participation of students from various schools anf colleges who showcased diverse range of poetry styles and themes in th le competition.

Notable guests, including Shri Rudra Poudyal, KN Sharma, CP Bhattrai, and Pankaj Giri, graced the occasion with their presence, adding to the prestige of the event.

Our college made a notable mark in the competition.
There were three participants:

  1. Biswajit Baskota – 6th Semester, Nepali Honours:
  • Biswajit Baskota clinched 1st position in both the semi-final and final rounds of the Nepali poetry section with his captivating performances of “बाँसघारीको डढेलो” and “म प्रकृति हुँ” respectively.
  1. Subham Rawat – 4th Semester, Political Science Honours:
  • Subham Rawat swept the 1st position in both rounds of the English poetry section with his poignant renditions of “An Unexplored Beauty” and “To Support Who He Can.”
  1. I, Prama Rai – 4th Semester, Nepali Honours:
  • i presented my poem on the topics “Midnight Musings” and “Labour of Love,” securing the 3rd position in the semi-final round and the 2nd position in the final round of the English poetry section.

Participating in the Ananta Poetic Prism competition proved to be a profoundly enriching experience for all involved, providing a platform to exhibit poetic talents and fostering a sense of camaraderie among poets.
Therefore, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Ananta Theatre Club, NBBC Tadong, and our teachers for their unwavering guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the competition.

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