Principal's Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of this educational institution, which is not just a hub of knowledge but also takes pride in having professionally committed faculty members. We, the Sikkim Government College, Namchi family would constantly endeavour to proliferate an environment that replenishes the zeal for learning and cultivating knowledge.

I would also want to take pride in announcing that it is in the 21st year of establishment of this institution that, we have been able to harness technology in dispensing information at a wider level. I am sure that the college website shall be updated consistently for benefitting the viewers and its versatility and dynamics would enhance the content of our website.

I congratulate each and every individual who has made progressive contribution towards the formulation and execution of the website by gathering and compiling the data and information for the website. I, on behalf of the SGC, Namchi family would want to extend our thankfulness and utmost gratitude to all members of website design and develop and this initiative without whose support the dream of having a college website for college would not have been possible. I wish that this website will be successful in delivering relevant information and will bring greater recognition and reputation to this institution.