Ethical Elections

Namchi, March 31, 2024 – In a remarkable showcase of wit and wisdom, students from Sikkim Government College (SGC), Namchi, demonstrated their debating prowess at the Inter-College Debate Competition held at Namchi Community Hall on March 30, 2024. The competition, centered around the theme of “Ethical Elections,” saw spirited participation from various colleges in and around Namchi, emphasizing the importance of integrity and fairness in electoral processes.

The SGC, Namchi, was represented by two teams, under the guidance of Dr. Susan Rai, Assistant Professor from the Department of Political Science. The debate provided a platform for students to express their perspectives and insights on fostering ethical practices in elections, a cornerstone for democratic governance.

One of the teams, comprising Smyrna Lepcha, Krishna Kumar Bahun, and Nissiel Rai, distinguished themselves by clinching the second position in this competitive event. Their arguments, rooted in deep understanding and analysis of the electoral system, won the admiration of judges and audience alike, highlighting the college’s commitment to nurturing critical thinking and eloquence among its students.

The second team, featuring Veeraj Tamang, Nitesh Chettri, and Subham Rawat, also made a significant impact by reaching the semi-final round. Their performance underscored the depth of talent within SGC, Namchi, and their ability to engage with complex topics in a public forum.

The event was not just a competition but a celebration of democratic values, with students across colleges engaging in a meaningful dialogue on how to uphold and promote ethical standards in elections. The participation of SGC, Namchi, in such a pivotal debate underscores the institution’s dedication to contributing thoughtfully to societal discourse and preparing students to be informed, ethical citizens.

As the community reflected on the day’s discussions, the success of the SGC, Namchi teams was seen as a testament to the college’s excellent academic environment and its emphasis on practical, real-world applications of classroom learning. The achievements of these teams have set a high standard and serve as an inspiration for future participants, both from SGC and the wider academic community.

The Inter-College Debate Competition on Ethical Elections has once again illuminated the importance of fostering an informed, engaged, and ethically minded youth, ready to contribute positively to the democratic fabric of the nation.

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