Code of Contuct for Students

For smooth and effective function of the College, students shall abide by the following rules and regulations.

  1. Students will follow and adhere the college culture, tradition, rules and regulations.
  2. Students will carry out all orders of the Principal and the members of the college staff. They shall be directly answerable to the Principal for their behaviour in general and their conduct in the college premises in particular.
  3. Students shall behave politely with the principal and the staff of the college. They shall also behave cordially with the fellow students.
  4. Any act of disobedience, improper conduct or indecent remarks, pasting and distribution of posters and pamphlets in any forms will be viewed very seriously and strict measures may be resorted to, in order to deter such behaviour.
  5. Students shall ensure that they use classrooms, common rooms, furniture, laboratories, library book and all other college properties with outmost care.
  6. The cost of any damage done will be recovered from students either individually or collectively as the case may be.
  7. Students are expected to acquaint themselves with the information displayed on the notice board from time to time.
  8. Change in local or permanent address of the students should be immediately intimated to the college office in writing.
  9. No money shall be collected for any purpose whatsoever without any authenticated and prior permission of the Principal.
  10. Students will not hold any meeting or gathering without the prior approval of the Principal.
  11. Smoking, gambling, substances abuse, use of alcohol, ragging and eve teasing are strictly prohibited and punishable under the governing norms.

Any deviations from the above will invite stringent disciplinary action.

By order: Principal

Student Representative Council (SRC) Election, 2022