1 day seminar on India and Tibet

Namchi, 30/08/23: Sikkim Government College (SGC), Namchi organized a one-day seminar on “India and Tibet: Historical Legacies and Cultural Connections” in collaboration with the Tibetan Government in Exile. The Vice Principal of the college welcomed the members of the Tibetan Government in Exile as resource persons. The three representatives, Geshe Monlam Tharchin, Youdon Auktsang, and Tashi Dhondup deliberated on the various aspects of historical and cultural relations between India and Tibet. They reflected on Nalanda traditions, commercial exchanges, etc., and called for solidarity with the cause of the Tibetans. They also expressed gratitude towards the government of India and its people for the constant support and solidarity of the Tibetan community in India.

Youdon Aukatsang emphasized the cultural aspects of the issues that the Chinese government has been inflicting on the Tibetans as she insisted that the Chinese government is systematically wiping out the cultural identity of the Tibetans in Tibet. She also discussed the issues of environmental concerns on a global level due to the constant exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources by the Chinese government, considering the amount of natural resources that Tibet holds on its belly.

The members of the Tibetan government in Exile were on part of a campaign to visit different universities and colleges in Orissa, West Bengal, and Sikkim to discuss and debate critical issues related to Tibet. The larger contours of India-Tibet-China relations from the point of view of global politics and issues of the Tibetan refugees were also discussed. In the end, the student participants raised many questions to the delegates and they were discussed at length.

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