floral Exploration

As a part of B.Sc. Botany Curriculum, one day field trip was organized by Department
of Botany, Sikkim Government College, Namchi on 01/07/2022, for semester IV
semester botany students. Trip was started from Central Park, Namchi to Perbing and
its surrounding of South Sikkim for their floral exploration of different plant species.
Field study is an essential part of Botany. The natural environment i.e. the surrounding
where we all interact, the plants in their natural habitat is one of the most interesting
things that is needed to be studied by the students of Botany. Studying plants in their
natural habitat enhances our knowledge that is learnt from the classroom discussions
and laboratory experiments.
The announcement from the department of Botany, Sikkim Government College,
Namchi made the students of the IV Semester Botany Honour so happy. A group of 40
students were accompanied by Dr.
Bishnu K Sharma, Assistant Professor and Head Department of Botany, SGC, Namchi.
An apprehensive knowledge of things are always required for students to start a
particular study of a particular site in their natural environment. So classroom study
and field study are complementary to each other and we cannot ignore any one of
them. Hence keeping these two things in view, this study tour was organised by the
Department of Botany, Sikkim Government College, Namchi as per syllabus prescribed
by the Sikkim University

One Thought to “Floral Exploration by Botany Department”


    In this field trip I learned so many new things, I come to know the different trees, herbs , Shrubs.
    I enjoy a lots.
    I would like to thank our teacher Dr. Bishnu sir for this wonderful field trip.

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