A webinar on Light Pollution

A webinar on Light Pollution and its subsequent environmental and physiological effects was organized today as part of the Science Awareness Series in partnership with Future Earth South Asia, Divecha Center for Climate Change and Indian Institute of Science.

  The keynote speaker was Mr. Dorje Angchuk, an engineer at the Indian astronomical observatory at Hanle, Leh who gave a talk on “Lighting up our world with stars” that discussed the negative effects of excessive artificial illumination and its disturbances on the natural environment.

  The second speaker was Mr.Adeesh Rao, Senior Project Associate, DCCC, Future Earth. He gave an in depth presentation on the physiological impact of LED usage.

  The webinar was attended by participants from all across the country, especially people involved in sustainable research. Students from 5th Semester Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics attended the webinar from Sikkim Government College, Namchi.

This webinar was also co-organized by the Department of English and the Department of Physics, Sikkim Government College Namchi as a partnership initiative with Future Earth, DCCC, Indian Institute of Science as part of the Science Awareness Series.

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