Hiking Team SGC Namchi

Tendong State biodiversity park is located in South Sikkim lies to the 14 km north of Namchi. It has a total area of 255 ha
and the altitude varies from 1400 m to 2050 m above sea level. The park comprises of middle and upper hill forest.

Since the field trip is compulsory as it is in the syllabus we chose Tendong Lho as a field for the trip. We have a total of 90 students in third semester but a total of 86 student as few coudnt attend because of some medical reasons. The students gathered at college at 6.30 am and half of the students gathered at the petrolpump jorthang road and at 7 am the trip started and we headed towards the Damthang.

We reached Damthang at 7. 50 am and after giving a brief to the students about the trip we started the hike at 8.07 am.
The trip was escorted by me, two Assistant professor from Sikkim Government College Mr Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha and
Phurba Lepcha of chemistry and economics department and we had a special guest Ms Minto Sherpa a taxonomist from
Sikkim Government College, Tadong for guiding students during the trip. We reached the destination at 11.30 am after about 3.30 hour walk from Damthang.

The hike was very interactive, informative and encouraging for the students, many plants were shown to the students, helped them to identify gave them the importance about the plants. At 11.30 am we reached the destination and we rested and had a lunch and at around 1 pm we started to return towards Damthang and reached there at around 2.30 pm and then we headed towards Kangchendzonga Biodiversity Park.

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